February 26, 2013

There's An ADO Speelgoed By Ko Verzuu Exhibition In Apeldoorn Until March 17.


You remember that amazing digital archive of ADO Speelgoed at the CODA Museum in the Netherlands? Well, there's an exhibition, too, and it runs through March 17.


CODA (Cultur Onder Dak Apeldoorn) is in, obviously, Apeldoorn, in central Holland, where ADO was based until 1934. That's when ADO moved both the tuberculosis sanatorium and the workshops, run by Ko Verzuu, to Bilthoven, just outside Utrecht.
CODA acquired the collection of Verzuu's family in 2009.

Hey, fun fact, did you know that:

These toys were given the name ADO; an abbreviation that initially stood for Arbeid door Onvolwaardigen (Labour by the Deficient), but was wisely changed to Apart Doelmatig Onverwoestbaar (Special Functional Indestructible) in 1962.
? Yes, wisely changed after the thirty years of their peak popularity?


But anyway, the exhibition looks pretty sweet and very playable, which, I really hope those are reproductions. There's an ADO Workshop corner where you can build your own ADO-looking toy. [Which kit is not available in the online store.] And they've reissued the 1994 Boijmans catalogue [which is for sale online.]

These images are just a few shots from Agata of Rafa-Kids, who took her family from Rotterdam to visit the show. Even if you're not in Rotterdam, I suggest you do the same.

ADO Speelgood by Ko Verzuu at CODA, through March 17, 2013 [coda-apeldoorn.nl]
ADO Speelgood Ko Verzuu at CODA Museum, Apeldoorndeborah from kickcan & conkers]
ADO Speelgoed Toys, catalogue reissue, EUR18.50 plus shipping [coda-apeldoorn.nl/webwinkel]
Previously: Those Awesome ADO Blocks and more, at CODA

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