February 12, 2013

Here Is A Fine Rollup Canvas Pack From D'Emploi


Lest you think Brooklyn dadding is only about repurposing $750 leather duffles as diaper bags, just take a look at this: it's a very fine-looking waxed canvas roll-up pack that zips almost flat, and that's just the right size--14x11x5--to carry a kid's gear during some quick city errands.

The roll-up pack from d'emploi ($90) is handmade in Brooklyn, probably by Kyle Moldsher himself, from domestic canvas using the Depression-era Singer sewing machine shown in the atelier's Vimeo channel. There is also a roll-up black, a roll-up field tan, and a roll-up camo, which I would respectfully suggest you forgo.

Matching waxed canvas caps, like the one seen on the dad on the cover of Kindling #1, are presently only available in field tan and grey.

d'emploi [demploibrooklyn via kindling]

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