February 1, 2013

This Russian Life

From WBEZ Chicago, this is Ira Glasnost.

The public radio station's new ad campaign is encouraging listeners to make babies who will grow up listening to public radio and who will thus support their fundraising campaigns starting in 2032.

In Mother Russia, meanwhile, Vladimir Putin has hired Boyz II Men to set the mood for that depressing, corrupt country's residents to make more babies for whatever it is Putin has planned for them in 20 years. I have no idea.

But the wingnuts who go on about Chicagoliberalsocialismcommunism are gonna claim this datapoint for sure.

WBEZ 'membership drive': Go make babies [chicago tribune]
Putin enlists Boyz II Men to raise Russian birth rate [nme]

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WNYC in NY takes a slightly more active approach. They regularly have singles events at bars hosted by various on air personalities. They don't exactly say it but the message is something like: 'Come meet other independent-minded free-thinking liberals just like you.'

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