January 31, 2013

Tweet Or Get Off The iPotty


"If only we had a place to put our tablet computers, all our potty training hassles would be solved," said absolutely no one ever in the history of pooping and peeing.

Until this year at CES, when CTA Digital unveiled the iPotty, a plastic toilet with a built-in iPad stand.

Now I understand the imperatives for new products and the difficulties of attracting media attention that those whose business is video game and tablet accessories must face. And on a social media and/or booth traffic basis alone, the iPotty has probably already generated a positive ROI for the firm.

But no. No. No. No. This is how it's been for thousands of years:

FIRST learn how to go to the bathroom by yourself,

THEN learn how to dry out the iPhone you've dropped in the toilet.

You know I only link to this because DT gets a small kickback from all your Amazon purchases, not because I think you should buy an iPotty, because, seriously, you should not, not even as a baby shower prank: CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad, $39.99 for pre-order [amazon]

7,850 results: dropped iPhone in toilet [google]

SPOILER ALERT UPDATE: Alright, I watched the trailer for season 2 of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, and I do not see any episodes about iPottys. So maybe there is hope after all.

1 Comment

Love the iPotty. A much cheaper alternative is to hang your phone around your neck with a decorative lanyard (I think that is what it is called)Or just put it on speakerphone and yell.

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