January 27, 2013

Those Awesome ADO Blocks


Andrew from An Ambitious Project Collapsing is killing it on the ADO/Ko Verzuu collection-diving these days. Verzuu led design for ADO, a Dutch therapeutic/charitable organization that produced toys in the early 20th century.

And apparently, one of Verzuu's sons donated his collection to the CODA Museum in the central Netherlands province of Gelderland. The provincial collections database has nearly 300 pieces of Verzuu design--toys, furniture, graphics, sketches, even the woodblock and woodburning plates for the ADO logo.

And a few photos. Like the one above, which shows a kid playing with colorful square tile blocks like the ones I totally snagged a couple of years ago. They're still the only ones I've ever seen, though the CODA collection has a couple of related examples.

They ended up being the only thing I actually loaned to MoMA's Century of the Child exhibition last year, where, I must say, they looked pretty fantastic.

Foto, Ko Verzuu/ADO gekleurde tegels [collectiegelderland.nl via aapc]
AAPC's selection of chairs designed by Ko Verzuu from the CODA Museum collection [anambitiousprojectcollapsing]

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