January 21, 2013

The Greatest Creative Playthings Kaleidoscope I've Ever Seen!


If the first half of the lifespan of Daddy Types is a documentation of all the kidstuff I've bought, the second half is about unloading it all on the next generation.

And yes, this weekend feels like a milestone; we are finally testing out bunk beds, which means the Blimp is out; the Juddy crib/toddler bed is out; and the shelves, crates, and Via Box cubes are all getting reshuffled.

And holy smokes, do we have a lot of stuff.

I've been watching, but I've never seen another one of these Creative Playthings kaleidoscopes. Which, if I were a better eBayer, I'd have phrased as, "This is the greatest Creative Playthings kaleidoscope I've ever seen!"

I've taken care of that now.

Vintage Creative Playthings Kaleidoscope, RARE 60s, Maple, $12.99+5.30 s/h auction ends Jan 26 [ebay]


Just a bunkbed suggestion, look at Pompanoosuc Mills (pompy.com). I learned about them when I was getting my doctorate in astrophysics at Dartmouth and they have the best bunk beds.

Expensive as hell, but really really nice.

Wow, those are nice indeed. Our growing kid pushed us to act before we'd really decided on anything, and the kids were sounding deeply ambivalent about the whole concept, so we started with a test bunkbed from Ikea.

Now that they've totally embraced it, we can start looking for a real thing. And beautiful hardwood is top of the list.

Any tips on where I might find any of the Mauricio Arruda "crate" Jose Collecton?


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