January 17, 2013

Breast Beanie Is Best


There are many paths to the top of Mount Fuji.

So I am totally fine to have learned about the Boob Beanie from DT's Amsterdam correspondent Jan, who saw an article in the Telegraaf about the the Australian Boob Beanie, [which translates to Borst Beanie, btw, file that one away in case you ever need it] and not to have read about the San Francisco Boobie Beanie nanny--which, I guess we really shouldn't call them fake--on parentdish last February, who really just copped it from Jezebel anyway, whose commenters identified one of the leading boob beanie etsy sellers from her wild comments on the craigslist parenting forum, which, what?


And once we establish that there should be more than one color for "flesh" and that color-coordinating the hat's aureole/nipple to the kid's gender is "WTF prison island do you live on?" nuts, I guess my question would be, why are these only for breastfeeding?

I mean, shouldn't these be sold in pairs? You know, for the twins? And I'll give Australia credit for recognizing the potential of the Boob Man demographic.

Thumbnail image for umas_bosomas.jpg

1 Comment

Are these the latest in some sort of baby camouflaging trend I am unaware of?

Also, fix the captcha already!

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