January 8, 2013

The Impending Destruction Of The Planet, Or Chicco Rocking Eggplant


Your mind is altered a bit by traveling abroad. Also by getting up at 4AM, so you can get yourselves and two little kids to the Nice airport--two boxes set at opposite ends of a sadistic, disastrous traffic labyrinth--by 5AM for a 7AM flight, and then sitting around for a starving hour in the empty dark until the croissant kiosk finally opens.

And in that time, as your kids wander and play, you'll think of the future. And how one day, probably even in your kids' lifetimes, petroleum will be seen as barbaric and unconscionable a fuel source as whale oil.

And just as we marvel at how short-sighted 19th century man could be to drive some of the planet's most advanced, intelligent life forms to extinction in order to play whist after dinner by the light of their smoldering carcasses, so the man of the late 21st century will shake his head in disbelief at the way we decimated the planet's ecosystem in order to fill the dingy corners of airports with mountains of giant, polypropylene crap, whose sole purpose is to momentarily distract our young.


And when the aliens come to excavate the ruins of our long-dead civilization, instead of an A.I.-style android boy, they'll dig up this rocking eggplant, whose idiotic grin and hollow core will nevertheless tell them all they need to know about us.


I believe that is a *aubergine en plastique*.

Ever see Greg Lynn's attempts to re-use these (and other similar toys?)

I did indeed. First, I hated on it, then I embraced it after being enlightened by our benevolent, laser-wielding CNC robot friends.

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