January 6, 2013

The Ford Treasury Of New Jersey Station Wagon Living


The NY Times has discovered a New Jersey dad whose kids helped him discover the joys of Ford Station Wagon Living. Reading lines like this:

"Until the kids, I wasn't into wagons," he said. "Now, it's an adventure every time we get into the car."
about Joe Mamola's cherry, 1964 Ford Fairlane Ranch Wagon, just makes you glad that, even though the original owner didn't splurge for the optional power steering, brakes, automatic transmission, or third row seat cushions, at least he got some of them new-fangled seat belts. You know, for the kids. Good times.

Even a Drive in the Suburbs Feels Like a '60s Vacation [nyt via dt reader rolf, image: from tony cenicola's slideshow for nyt]
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