December 25, 2012

Like-A-Pipe-Bike By Bruno Gavira


If you're looking for one more quick Christmas present project you can slam together in the garage while the cider's mulling, Spanish designer Bruno Gavira's got just the thing.

It's a walking bike made entirely out of PVC pipe. Just cut it to length--at angles where appropriate--and glue or screw it together, depending on the strength each piece will need to support.

And then take the wheels off your beer cart and pinch the fork ends there on the axles, which are steel, and I guess cut that rear axle point to shape. Buff off all the spurs.

Reinforce that main pipe frame from the inside, probably by bolting a smaller-diameter pipe in place? It's not too clear.

Oh, and just mold the saddle, and maybe just touch up the rear fender with the heat gun, then stencil the flame with enamel, glue on the die-cut industrial felt, and [whatever the Spanish equivalent is of] voila!

Pipe Bike by Bruno Gavira [designboom, a christmas present of a post from dt reader rolf]

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