December 12, 2012

Cold Storage Philippe Starck X Target Banana Car

Speaking of expensive things made of cheap, yellow plastic:


Here is a mint-in-box example of the acid banana-shaped ride-on toy designed by Philippe Starck for Target in 2001, being sold on eBay by someone whose business model seems to be filling storage units with vaguely collectible-seeming designer products, for resale a decade later.

I mean, one the one hand, sure. After his father passed away a high school friend of mine found himself the heir to a climate-controlled warehouseful of OG Star Wars toys, which his dad had presciently amassed and stashed for the future.

On the other hand, wow, even if it's the only museum-quality Starck bananacar in the western US, $850 seems pretty steep to me.

What have you socked away in the laughable hope that it'd be worth enough someday to pay for your kid's school? Tell us in the comments!

Philippe Starck Toy Car for Target New in Box, $850 Buy It Now, with free shipping, hah [ebay]

1 Comment

We owned one of those. It was a total piece of crap. The wheels barely turned.

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