December 8, 2012

Aleppo Rebel Dad

Rebel dad in Aleppo takes his son home from Friday Prayers in Aleppo, Syria. image: Odd Anderson/AFP-Getty via nyt

I don't know what your Friday was like, but sheesh, think about the folks in Syria, and your complaints should feel pretty manageable.

Amid Battles in Suburbs, Syrian Rebels Warn Travelers to Avoid Damascus Airport [nyt via dt reader and photoguru gf-r]

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Felt the same way when seeing this photo over the weekend.

Good for Daddytypes giving the dads and kids and families of Syria as much coverage as the dads and kids and families of Gaza (1 post each). There were so many stories and images of the devastation in Gaza that the tragedy seemed to dwarf what has been going on in Syria when, in fact, the opposite is true. What Gaza suffered for one week last month at the hands of Israel has been the reality in Syria every single week for months with tens of thousands of people killed, many tortured (including children) and displaced families all over the country. When Israel is not to blame, the world seems in less of a rush to point out humanitarian disasters in the Middle East.

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