December 5, 2012

Wagoing, Wagoing, Cadillac CTS Wagone


There may come a day in the hilariously unbalanced relationship between auto executives, publicists, and the fanboi press, some carblogger may finally notice the polite yet pained patience of his hosts, and he'll remember/realize that this is not a product design focus group, but a junket, and his sole purpose for being flown in to this twisty-roaded winery is to add some hands-on quirk and a few iPhone snaps to the press materials which invariably follow after the jump, and even though he'd practiced it in his head, he'll stop his "sweet station wagon with the manual transmission" rant mid-sentence, sit back, and have a swallow of merlot as stunned silence sinks into his barely-daring-to-hope audience.

But that day is obviously not yet.

On the bright side, there are enough Cadillac CTS wagons for everyone who wants to actually buy one.

Get Your Frowny Faces Ready -- The Cadillac CTS Wagon May Be On The Way Out [jalopnik via autoevolution via caranddriver thanks dt wagon agonist jj daddy-o]

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"The next CTS will debut without a wagon version at all, C&D reports." Well the current CTS didn't have a wagon version at it's debut either. The wagon came a couple model years later. I still don't doubt that we won't see another. If Subaru and Volvo can't sell wagons, how is Cadillac going to?

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