November 29, 2012

Daddy, What Did Babies Drink Before Brawndo?


Frankly, I'm less interested in the Crib Dribbler itself than in the "Kindex™ Infant Energy Drink" mentioned on the package.

And both are quickly forgotten when confronted with the actual existence of Prank Packs, a social network-powered, digital retail platform specializing in boxes for fake products.

Crib Dribbler | Genuine Boxes, Fake Products, $8, 3 for $20 [prankpack via likecool, thanks dt reader rolf]


Kindex comes in lime and bubble gum flavors. But the coupon on the back of the box isn't valid for "Crib Space Heater," "Stroller Blender" or "High Chair Cutting Board."

Ha! Thanks for posting this-there are at least four babies on the way at work, so a bunch of these boxes will be a hoot for the inevitable bagel-breakfast baby showers.

"Stew/Cocoa". That elevates this to Greatness.

Okay...then this is a joke....

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