November 25, 2012

Modernists' Kids Had The Best Nurseries


In the wake of MoMA's Century Of the Child exhibition, Paul Makovsky at Metropolis Magazine has assembled an awesome collection of images and childhood stories from the offspring of mid-century modernist designers.

There's György & Juliet Kepes' daughter Julie, talking about the nursery/playroom her parents designed in Cambridge, and which was partially re-created for Century of the Child. And there's Hugh Hardy's daughter Penelope, recalling the playhouse tower and stenciled loft bed [above] she and her brother shared.

But the most bonkers story has to be Catherine Prouvé's post-war, summer roadtrip to the Brittany coast--with one of her dad's prefab houses in tow. Seriously, Jean Prouvé, qu'est ce que c'est?

Modernists At Play [metropolismag]

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