November 13, 2012

Alison's High Chair, By Wendell Castle

You know, these are the kind of things that make the blogging worthwhile.


Studio furniture pioneer Wendell Castle is having four shows at the moment. He talked to Artforum today about his retrospective at the Aldrich Museum in Connecticut. And there's a two-gallery show in New York, and one coming in Kentucky.

But over the weekend, I got an email from Castle's daughter Alison, who turns out to be a Daddy Types reader, and who just found the photos she'd taken this summer, and had been meaning to send--of the gorgeous high chair her dad made for her in 1974.


The chair combines Castle's innovative lamination & sculpting technique with some advanced joinery, and its form anticipates the iconic Zephyr chair, which debuted in the mid-70s. [Coincidentally, a similar, adult-sized, personalized example from 1976, a commission, just sold at auction upstate.]

Anyway, this is just awesome. Master wood sculptors' kids always have the best high chairs.

Wendell Castle - Wandering Forms, runs through Jan 24, 2013
500 Words | Wendell Castle [artforum]


Sweet, sweet, sweet! And no crevasses at all!

Stunning - I am glad she shared it with you and you shared it with us.

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