November 7, 2012

Pheasant-Covered Eames Rocker By Meredyth Sparks


It's been a while since we've seen a sweet, reasonable, practical, no-nonsense rocker around here. And guess what, the wait's not over.

Artist/explorer of the domestic form Meredyth Sparks has donated her 2011 sculpture, Feather-Covered Eames Rocker with La Petite Ferme Cushion, to the benefit auction for The Kitchen. The legendary arts/performance space was heavily damaged last week by Sandy.

Monday, Nov. 26: Feather-Covered Eames Rocker with La Petite Ferme Cushion, Meredyth Sparks, value $12,000; opening bid: $7,000 []
Meredyth Sparks images & bio at Elizabeth Dee Gallery []
I kid, but we really did and do love our Eames rocker. Which today, in order of preference, I'd still say:

1) Vintage Eames, but not a museum piece you're afraid to use.
2) Vintage shell with a new base.
3) Modernica's Case Study Fiberglass Shell rocker, made as Eames/Herman Miller used to do it, on their original machinery, which HM unconscionably dumped.
4) honestly, by this point, it's a tossup between the "authentic" Herman Miller version and all the cheap, plastic knockoffs which, you know, $125? I'm not inclined to argue.

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