November 5, 2012

Old-Timey Photos Of Kids With Cars


DT senior senior car correspondent DT is right: the "Automobile photos with children" tag on David Greenlees' blog for The Old Motor is full of delights. There are mini racers, soapbox derbies, cars so covered with kids they look like the preschool remake of the Beverly Hillbillies, and classic pedal cars--like the shots of a sweet unidentified French pedal car superstore with an indoor test track.

And there are a few WTF moments like the c.1953 "Kiddie Wagon Train," above, a weekend tradition started by Jeep owner Walter Rishel, and apparently condoned by the parents of at least 35 of his neighbors in Redwood City, CA. [Nowadays, drunk grandparents get arrested for towing just one pedal car behind their SUVs. What has become of us, America?]


But I have to include this one, too. Because I know there are folks in New York and New Jersey right now who, if they could, would gladly buy leaded gas from an Alabama toddler, and just roll the dice on the brain damage and environmental--well, on the brain damage, anyway.

Automobile photos with children at The Old Motor [ via dt guru dt]

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