October 30, 2012

Unidentified Local Man Rides Family-Sized WorkCycle Fr8


Though this picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, I am sure that, thanks to his handmade WorkCycle Fr8 with both optional kid's saddle & seat, SuperStorm Sandy and her associated blackouts, floods and transit disruptions have not slowed down this man's family-owned wine delivery business one bit. The Bordeaux must get through! [image: popsugar via dt reader who reads popsugar for the articles dt]

WorkCycles Fr8 Universal frame (as City bike), from €929, including VAT [workcycles.com]


That is one sweet, super tricked out ride!

Workcycles are amazing bikes. IN NYC you can get them at Rolling Orange, I think. There's a growing list of American retailers. One of the best things about the bike are the Schwalbe Fat Frank tires -- I have some on my longtail cargo bike (a Yuba Mundo) and they provide the sweetest, cushiest, but also fastest ride with low rolling resistance. You can get them put on any bike with the same rim size, just ask your local bike shop.

My kids have Fat Franks on their run bike, 4 years and still in great shape.

Looks like Liev Schriber

someone else said that, too.

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