October 22, 2012

Richard Prince Has A Bob Dylan Poster Dress.


I didn't notice it until Mondo reposted the images. But now that it's framed and seemingly tiny enough to be worn by a kid, I see that the artist Richard Prince has a Harry Gordon "Poster Dress" with Bob Dylan's photo screen printed on it.

Paper dresses, made from a non-woven rayon/pulp material called KayCel, were introduced by Scott Paper in 1966 as a promotional campaign, and they went nuts for a while.


Which kind of makes me wonder if the trend wasn't dying down in 1968, when Harry Gordon designed his series of arty, black & white Poster Dresses that included a cat, a rose, a Hindu mudra overprinted with an Allen Ginsberg poem ["Uptown N.Y."], and a Dylan headshot.

A Dylan dress was included in FIT's "Youthquake!" show last spring, but seriously, it wasn't until I saw one framed and hanging on Prince's wall that it triggered the kid reflex.

I'd guess the leading equivalent to KayCel these days is probably Tyvek. And so what the world might need right now is disposable and/or collectible Tyvek dresses and jackets and whatnot for little kids.


Oh man, check out the paper dresses for the 1968 US presidential campaign, collected and exhibited in Zurich at the Museum Bellerive in 2010. Special.

Richard Prince | Own Collection [richardprince.com via mondoblogo]
Papier Fashion at Museum Bellerive [ifitshipitshere]

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