October 18, 2012

DEA-yum! Drug Seizure Honda Odyssey


I got so caught up this morning contemplating the possibilities of turning the drug-raid-seized Lamborghini Diablo up there into some kind of conceptual critique reverse version of Jay-Z and Kanye's disgraceful Otis Maybach, that I completely missed the US Marshall's auction in Miami.


And because of my daydreaming, you won't have a chance to buy this seized 2005 Honda Odyssey minivan, and thus contemplating, as you drive your inconspicuous ride, all the hair-raising, illicit adventures it has been on, and all the bricks of cash and blow it must have hauled around as it put those 141,000 miles on the clock.

But I would guess that a rich and vivid imagination is the hallmark of drivers of all Honda Odysseys, not just the ones previously owned by Floridian drug traffickers. So maybe you all do this already.

US Marshalls Service Southern District of Florida auction Oct.18 [appletowing.com via @proscriptus]
Apple Towing 2005 Honda Odyssey photoset [picasa]


On a Canadian ski trip about a decade ago with my wife and a few friends we wound up with a Lincoln Navigator as our rental. We spent much of the drive from Calgary to Fernie exploring where in the car we would have stashed the gun if we were driving Puffy, JLo and friends away from a club shooting. I imagine this Odyssey would satisfy similar fantasies.

I think it was an Oxycontin pill mill, but yeah. Bricks of blow.

Can't help but notice one of the panels in back has been pried off. Probably they found a human hand in there.

The Odyssey is one of only a handful of cars in that auction that doesn't scream "Stop me. Frisk me."
And the steering wheel in the Lincoln Mark LT tells you everything you need to know about why Lincoln should never have made a truck.

Lately, I been reading stories down here in meth-ville about how people are being busted for driving WHILE cooking meth in their car/van/hoopty. So you'd always have possible toxic chemical poisoning to look forward to after purchasing one of these.
Also, I'd be interested to see what the final prices were for these items.

You can try to boost the value with your stories, my friend, but it's too late; the sale's over. OTOH, it sounds like maybe the real rarity in Florida would be a Honda Odyssey that hasn't been used to transport pills or cook meth. Shows what I know.

I have a call in. As a not infrequent auction participant, I was kind of caught off guard by the auctioneer's office suggest that they don't release sale results. But we'll get it. Stay tuned.

i am more inclined to by an odyssey that was seized by the DEA if it had the sleekwagon body styling from japan: http://www.honda.co.jp/ODYSSEY/
my good friend has one and it is a sweet ride...but i'm pretty sure those drug folks didn't want to attract any unnecessary attention.

You have no idea the inner struggle I've faced all these years to not turn DT into one giant Yakuza deko-minivan fanboi site.

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