October 17, 2012

Obama Onesies


I am voting for Barack Obama because I have kids--daughters.

I am also wondering what the hell is going on with Beyonce's $65 Obama onesies, which not only aren't capitalized, but which also are a cotton/poly blend.


Because not only are the Two Dads For Obama onesies all cotton, they're also on sale.

The My Two Moms Support Obama onesies are for sale, too, in case the Polygamists for Obama folks don't venture into the LGBT for Obama section of the store.

BEYONCE BARGAIN UPDATE Now that's a sale. The Obama For America campaign is trying to clear the shelves, with 30% off all purchases over $10, and free shipping [with orders this weekend receiving guaranteed arrival by election day.] Use the checkout code LASTCALL.

Beyonce & Tina Knowles Obama Onesies, $65 for the set of 3 [store.barackobama.com]
My Two Dads Support Obama Onesies, were $20, now $10 [store.barackobama.com]


I am respectfully deleting this feed subscription due to discovery of our political differences.

that's unfortunate. you're always welcome back. E pluribus unum.

I'm not sure if we spent $65 total on all the onesies we purchased for our two kids. But I should know that looking for a deal and looking to a contribute to a campaign should not happen at the same time (unless you're working with a lobbyist). Also, I'm pretty certain that my kids never wore a onesie made in the USA which Mitt's onesies (post above) seem to be.

I guess I'd read at it as more of a markdown than a deal, but yeah, good point. And all the onesies on both sides of the aisle are made in the US.

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