October 12, 2012

Parisian Playmobil Incubator

Sometimes you wonder if being the go-to blogger for European Spottings Of Random Playmobil And/Or Incubators is where you want to be in life. And sometimes, it's just nice to be understood, and to know people are thinking of you.

So thanks to DT reader Margaret for sending along this snapshot of a Playmobil 4225 Hospital Incubator before she cleared all her summer Paris photos from her camera.


Playmobil 4225 Doctor With Incubator is not on Amazon anymore, but
new and used incubators do turn up on eBay pretty regularly. [amazon, ebay]


i believe you created the zen koan of playmobil incubators, or something close

That is very cute! I'll try to get one from ebay!

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