October 10, 2012

Sweet, Crafty Block Blankets By Musahar


We really try to steer clear of the crafty owls here at DT, but rarely, they do slip in. Like the owl pillows on that plywood box bed, which were designed by Karen Bagge for her Danish indie label Musahar. They're organic cotton, vegetable dye, fair trade owls, handmade by Musahar's womens' collective in Nepal, which, of course.

Musahar's awesome, asymmetrical geometric block baby blankets handmade in the Himalayan Gee's Bend blah blah blah, on the other hand, I could post those things all day.

Babytæppe, 75x80 cm, designed by Karen Bagge, regularly 600 DKK, now 400 DKK [musahar.com via finelittleday]

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