October 5, 2012

Introducing Tom Ford For Dads


Mazeltov, I didn't even know they were expecting. Maybe because I stopped paying much attention to what Tom Ford was doing or thinking or talking about many years ago, and so missed his 2008 interview in Fantastic Man where he talks about how

Richard [Buckley, Ford's partner of 25 years] knows I've wanted this for a long time. He's just resisted it. He would be a spectacular father. It's going to give his life new meaning...It will be biologically mine. I mean, I'm a lot younger. If things follow their natural order he'll [Richard] probably leave the planet ahead of me and I can't not have had something I've wanted forever. I've always wanted kids. I don't want to get to 75 years old nad just have made a lot of dresses, done some houses.
Hey, there was the movie. Don't forget the movie.

Tom Ford & Partner Richard Buckley Announce Birth of Child [vogue.co.uk via @ann_caruso]

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