September 29, 2012

Did You Leave Your UppaBaby At The Zoo?


Because it was still there at 8 o'clock.

I'm trying to figure out the scenario that could explain how an $700 stroller gets left on the street by the National Zoo, for hours, into the night, unattended and unlocked. And the best I can come up with is a tired family loading into an SUV, with each parent assuming the other one has put the stroller in the back. And it's only after they drive to BF Maryland or wherever that they realize it's gone. And they figure it is gone for good.

Well daytripper, if you're reading this on Saturday night, you're in luck. So hop to.

And if you suddenly need a new UppaBaby Vista, well, you're in luck, too. [amazon]


actually , that happended to me once...i left the bugaboo on a side street in beverly hills once and didn't realize it until i had gotten home with the baby and not the stroller. i drove back in less than 7 minutes, only to find some guy stuffing it into his trunk. i will not tell you what i did to him or what i said to him, but suffice it to say that i don't think he'll be trying to steal any bugaboos in the near future....and I learned that I have a psychotic side...

lol awesome.

I did something very similar once. Remembered to load the stroller but left a lovely framed and signed giclee leaning against a tree.

20 minutes later it was gone. But then a couple days later I got a phone call. The finder had tracked me down to return it through the gallery whose sticker was on the back!

There ARE good people in this world.

I once left a suitcase on the curb in the pickup area at National Airport in just such a chain of circumstances. Did not realize it until we got home. Fortunately, we only live a few minutes away, but the entire somewhat frantic drive back I was envisioning them closing the airport and sending me a bill for the security costs.

Fortunately, when I got back to the airport the police were surrounding the bag and eyeing it suspiciously, but handed yet gotten to the "damaged, removed or destroyed" phase.

Ah, kids, and the things they make you do. At least I remembered to put her in the car.

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