September 21, 2012

Philippe Starck X Target Pop-up Playhouse


Now that's kind of interesting.

It's five pieces of the springy, pop-up playhouse toys from Philippe Starck's short-lived, pop-up collection of baby gear for Target in 2002, all new in box. With three tunnels, and two tents, you could help Starck finally realize his architectural dream of the 21st century, of an America dotted with kid-size Habitrails.

Or at least just the one.

The only other examples of these that have turned up for sale lately were lone tents. And they have been about as scuzzy and played out as you'd expect a ten-year-old Target toy to be. So this is a definite improvement.

Super Rare NIB Philippe Starck Pop Up Playhouse Complete Target exclusive 2002, $49 first bid + $35 or so s/h, auction ends Sept 25 [ebay]

1 Comment

Love the modern designs of these pop-up playhouse! They don't make these anymore at Target, right? Even from other brands?

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