September 19, 2012

Whoa Who Wha? Vitali Playforms Community Helpers


Antonio Vitali Community Helpers? I've never even seen Community Helpers. I thought that Vitali's awesome, biomorphic, carved wood Creative Playthings family was entirely self-sufficient.

But no, they had help from, respectively: a Miss Clavell-lookin' nun, a guy carrying a couple of melons, a mailman and train conductor, and what, a nurse or a teacher, I guess, whatever lady-job was left.


All this and the original box, too. Amazing. Unfortunately, the figures aren't pristine, which might be why the eBay seller has already cut the Buy It Now price in half from a very aggressive $4,000. Which is, alas, what happens to working class and public employees these days. At least when they're just standing around like that.

Creative Playthings PLAYFORMS Antonio Vitali wood figures, Buy it Now $4,000 $2,000 +$35 s/h, auction ends Sept 22 [ebay]
Previously: Holy Family! Antonio Vitali 'nativity' set goes for 3,050 freaking dollars

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