September 18, 2012

Tractor Seats


In the literally several Google searches I've carried out, I can say with confidence that this is the finest 1948 Worthington Chief Model G tractor mower I have ever seen. And the craftsmanship of that custom booster seat side car is excellent.

Back in the day when I was riding on my grandpa's tractors, I'd either just sit on his lap, or if it was a cab outfit like a winrower, I'd just shoehorn in next to him. Tractor seat technology sure has improved since then.

Here's how they do things down on the Rickstrew Ranch, for example:


Meanwhile, the cute factor for the "on grandpa's tractor" Google Image search is pretty high. I'll just post the one, from an Italian watch collectors' messageboard:

"he peed in it a few minutes later:"

Just like grandpa used to do!

Thanks to DT senior tractor correspondent DT for the Worthington image, and to the Internet for the res

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