September 13, 2012

No Blood For Mohel

Every time this whole, metzitzah b'peh, mohel sucks the blood off the freshly circumcised penis thing turns up in the news, I thank G-d that being a New Yorker only makes you Jewish on the inside.

And speaking of the Jews, did you know that, even if you do the whole bris thing, unless you order the oral, your kid's not even really all Jewish? According to this guy?

"I don't want a 99 percent job, I want a 100 percent job," [Isaac Mortob, 27,] said. "I want him" -- his firstborn son -- "to be fully Jewish."
And that the NY Dept of Health is being called evil by the Lubavitcher rabbis somewhere for starting to require parents to sign a consent form, acknowledging that metzitzah b'peh can transmit deadly herpes infections?

Wait, and what?

After each circumcision, [Mr. Cohn, 83] places the thimble-size foreskin in a small jar of sand and ground cloves that he carries. He wants one day to be buried with the jars at the Mount of Olives in Israel, where Jewish tradition says the Messiah will arrive.
So this uber-mohel has 25,000 foreskins in little jars in his house in Staten Island? How much space does that even take up?

Regulation of Circumcision Method Divides Some Jews [nyt, thanks to @krucoff for the title]


I would love to see his will.

11 cases of herpes in 11 years. Is that the threshold for which we hand out consent forms? I don't think this is the right place to list the various activities that have been known to transmit herpes at much greater rates.

Also, your headline is absolutely awesome and a perfect counterpoint to The Times' headline which is about as useless as they come. "...Divides Some Jews" would likely apply to just about anything.

OTOH, two infants have died from herpes they contracted when an old man sucked the blood off the end of their freshly shorn penises. And the response is to issue a consent form.

True. Getting herpes this way is absolutely creepy. But my point is that it's pretty rare and also probably not the creepiest.

Anyway, it looks like the NYT has changed the title of their article (they actually do that) and they still didn't go with yours.

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