September 12, 2012

Silver Cross Surf's Up! Unidentified Local Mum Wipes Out On Sidewalk


My favorite part of this paparazzi photo of Astala Dylan Willow Geldof-Cohen's Silver Cross Surf pram and car seat getting stuck in a gap on the sidewalk and pitching him to the ground is his little feet. So cute.

He seems to be fine, according to his mum's tweets, Peaches. Didn't even cry. Which may even be true. Of course, in the same tweetburst Peaches claimed ADWG-C was strapped in, and the force of the fall popped the buckle, which, given that blanket placement, seems rather hard to believe. As to her claims that the paparazzi did nothing to help, and that the Daily Mail are craven vultures, though, we find this plausible, and thus grant her 2.5/4.0 points, plus 1.0 for not dropping the iPhone.

Oops, I dumped my baby [tmz via dt sr tmz-watcher jjdaddy-o]
The Mirror has the seconds-before photo. Looks like a paving stone is missing. And Peaches is on the phone. []


I think the most disturbing thing about this set of photos is that after the poor baby is toppled head over heels, Peaches pauses to put her cellphone up to her ear before she bends down to right matters. I mean really?? If it were my kid I would have at least had the decency to set my shit down on the sidewalk and quickly assess the situation. And no way did the buckle fail... the harness part would have still held the kid in somewhat AND it would have been visible in the photos.

Was Peaches using her iPhone that she failed to notice the crack on the pavement? And it looks like she was still gripping on her phone while her baby was falling off the pram! Clearly the photo shows baby wasn't strapped on. Good thing baby wasn't seriously hurt. Lesson learned: Don't text when strolling.

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