September 10, 2012

Caddy Shock & BulliShit


So yet again, VW is dangling the rumor that they might bring a Microbus to the US? Based on the 5-passenger Bulli concept they trotted out two years ago? Whatever. I've got a tag for that. And I'll be glad to use it again in two more years.


You know what's already here? A freakin' Caddy 2.0 TDI. The redesigned, Golf-based, Ford Transit Connect-sized microvan, with dual sliding doors, that can be configured to seat anywhere from 2-7 people.


I saw it today, with temporary DC tags, which seems impossible to me. It has to be an embassy car, because obviously, VW only ever "mulls" the idea of bringing an interesting box to the US; they never actually do it.

VW Mulling Microbus-style CUV to ramp segment sales [autoblog]
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I think they perpetuate these rumors to keep the VW USA employees who actually love cars from killing themselves while contemplating the bland styling desert that is the Golf/Jetta/Passat.

If the Caddy is half as uncomfortable as the Ford Transit Connect, no thanks. I've been in a couple of Transit Connect taxis in NYC, and while they have great headroom, it feels like riding in the back of a U-Haul without the legroom.

And if the Caddy did come here as a passenger car, (a) it probably wouldn't be called Caddy and (b) it probably wouldn't seat 7. GM's trademark lawyers would put the kibosh on "Caddy" faster than you can say "Budvar." And there's probably some safety requirement that would force them to reconfigure it as a 6 seater, like the Mazda 5.

all of what you write is true.

You can't knock VW for reliability even if some of the models aren't the sexiest cars on the road. I've still got a Golf IV pdi (bought from new in Italy 2001) left hand drive imported into the UK now with 103000 miles and never has broken down once! Fantastic car! I think it was VW's sexiest Golf!

Yeah, the US market for small 3 row cars is neatly summarized here:

19,155 units in 2011, by my count. Which probably explains why Ford decided not to bring the C-Max 7 seater to the US market after teasing us with it for several months.

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