September 7, 2012

And The Company That'll Bring It To You: AT&T

JJ Daddy-O had flagged the original story a few days ago of a junior high school in Texas putting RFID chips in student ID's to help bring in more headcount-based state funding. But Wired gets the award for the most depressing quote in the whole screwed up situation:

Gonzalez said John Jay High has 200 surveillance cameras and Anson Jones Middle School, about 90.

"The kids," he said, "are used to being monitored."

Tracking School Children With RFID Tags? It's All About the Benjamins [wired via jj daddy-o]

1 Comment

I'm not even sure I'm a fan of those leashes attached to backpacks for kids. This is the farthest thing from free-range kids out there.

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