August 30, 2012

Long Live The Wagon Queen Family Truckster

You weren't supposed to want one in the first place, but after this, it shouldn't have even mattered, right? There just were no Wagon Queen Family Trucksters to be had.

No. There is another.

Apparently one Truckster survived the filming of National Lampoon's Family Vacation, and it's in a touristy car museum in Roscoe, Illinois. Which is in Winnebago County. The Kinnikinnick School District. Stirrin' Kool-Aid With Your Hands Country.

But as Mat Howie exclaimed, flickr user ryanthescooterguy has rounded up a whole bunch of Family Truckster photos in the wild, so there has to be at least one solid replica. here's one story of getting a visit from the Truckster, which has been turned into a web startup's publicity stunt equivalent of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.


Which turns out to have been a beautiful replica built in 2008-09 by Jerry & Gary Schneider [above], using a 6th generation Ford LTD Country Squire, just like designer George Barris's original. [Obviously, Barris wouldn't have used a 1986 model for a film shot in 1982, but still.] The Schneiders were inspired by Don Schisler, who had worked with the car on the film. And then they flipped it for a Super Bowl commercial.

Gary Scheider's Family Truckster [myfamilytruckster]
2008: [Another] Man Gets Bored, Builds Family Truckster [autoblog]
2008 was a big year for homebrewed Family Trucksters [youtube]


There's also a rough digital replica that lives on as a downloadable icon for Garmin GPS devices:

Now that I look closer I think it's more of an original spec LTD Country Squire than a Family Truckster (continuous faux wood side panels, no faux wood hood, etc.), but the luggage piled on top sure has that Family Vacation look, doesn't it?

There are about six circulating; one was in a 2010 Superbowl ad.

[That's the Schneiders'. -ed.]

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