August 28, 2012

But Enough About Me.

"Are modern parents being rude when they impose on other people on sidewalks, planes and bar stools?"

"As the owner of a company aimed at other urban moms, part of my brand is being a mom."

You know, I'm starting to see a pattern. This is the second one of these awful, 300-words-at-a-time "debates" I've seen on the NY Times now, and it's the second time it occurs to me, that maybe the problem is writers. Or bloggers. Or entrepreneurs.

That maybe this is the exactly wrong demographic to be spouting off about anything at all, much less blurting past each other about level-headed, considerate parenting and work-family balance and civility or whatever.


MORNING AFTER UPDATERe-reading Choire Sicha just now, I think this quote from Gideon Lewis-Straus is apt for taking down this parentwriting situation as well:

"They are, by inclination if not definition, transients and dilettantes. All that can save the travel writer and redeem his or her often inexpert perceptions of foreign people and places is curiosity, a willingness to be uncertain, an essential emotional generosity, and an ability to write." Gideon has in mind these four qualities for himself, while in turn he despises the travel writers whose shoddy yet sometimes affecting guidebooks he clutches in the rain and cold.
Because so many writers people writing about their travels through the exotic lands of parenting don't recognize, much less evince, these four redeeming traits. Instead, people aspiring to be the Tarantino-on-tipping of kid life without realizing the table they're imagining is actually on a virtual knockoff of The View. It's parenting punditry.

Step Aside: Double-Wide Stroller Coming Through [nytimes via @langealexandra]

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