August 28, 2012

Adorable Nordic Wooden Offshore Drilling Rig By Permafrost


Here is a beautifully made toy offshore drilling rig and supertanker and helicopter by the Oslo design studio Permafrost.

I fear you cannot buy one, but when you look at it on display in the Louisiana Museum's exhibition on Nordic identity, you can imagine the Nordic region as an idyllic natural wonderland populated by various sophisticated, cultured peoples, some of whom were once actually critical of the petroleum-based energy systems that thrived in their waters, and which eventually turned their countries into highly popular tropical paradises.

Wooden Toys at the Louisiana [permafrost-news via mocoloco, thanks dt reader gregory]

1 Comment

Oh how pretty! Is that like a pound and hammer kind of toy? Love how they make classic wooden toys, especially those that have a cultural or historic value in them.

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