August 20, 2012

Creative Playthings Truck, POS


One of these things is not like the others.
One of these things just doesn't belong
Can you tell which thing is not like the others,
Before the auction's done?

It hasn't reached "eames" levels of meaninglessness yet, but I think Daddy Types, by logging the images and results of various auctions over the years, is partly responsible for the state of "Creative Playthings" on eBay.

And so I must call total bullshit when I see it, like on this "set of four cars made in Finland," which, the seller writes, "are in excellent vintage condition as seen." But in fact there is one actual Creative Playthings truck, and the rest are totally random. And they're all beat to hell, holy smokes, people, they look like they came out of a Dispos-all.

On the bright side, the huckster who's selling them is only out probably 10 cents apiece, or maybe all four for a quarter, at whatever late afternoon garage sale closeout he picked this junk up at.

Vintage Creative Playthings Made in Finland Set of 4 Cars in Fantastic Condition, [BS POS], opening bid $10+9.25 s/h, auction ends not soon enough [ebay]

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In the early 1970's, I ordered a "stocking assortment" of toys suitable for a young female child. In the assortment was a tiny jointed bear, with which she immediately fell in love. A year or two later a neighbor child pocketed the bear and left my daughter heartbroken. It was the ONLY thing she wanted from Santa - the return of "brown bear". I called every toy company, including those in Germany. (I believe Creative Playthings may have ceased publishing a catalog by then.) A few weeks before Christmas a small package arrived from Creative Playthings - and miraculously, there was the tiny bear. Santa made a big hit that year....However, in her teens while we were showing the house (for sale), this bear also disappeared. She still mourns at a certain level. I would spend a great deal for this tiny bear, should I find him again. Creative Playthings - stocking assortment early 70's - tiny jointed brown bear.

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