August 15, 2012

Bumbocalypse! All 4 Million Bumbo Seats Recalled Because Skull Fractures

image via: the internet, identities of the innocent have been obscured

The CPSC has announced a recall of all 4 million Bumbo foam infant seats sold in the US, because kids keep on popping out of those things and just cold fracturing their skulls.

The last time there was a Bumbo recall in 2007, it was to apply a pointless warning label reminding you never to use those things on raised surfaces. I say pointless because, well, that photo above that Google Images turned up was apparently taken in 2010. There's just something about the Bumbo's grippiness that makes you think your kid's firmly ensconced.

When, in fact, they're cracking skulls, even on the floor.

Now there's a safety belt repair kit, which, sure, but seriously, which also kills most of the ease-of-use that made the Bumbo appealing in the first place.

Baby Seats Recalled for Repair by Bumbo International Due to Fall Hazard
Consumers should order free repair kit
Previously: Apparently, 1mm Bumbo Baby Seats Aren't Meant For Use On Tables


Any parent should see that the overhead cabinet is bound to cause a skull fracture when that kids stands up. Maybe that's what the safety strap is there to prevent.
In any case, the Bumbo seat seems to join the no longer prevalent infant cold medicines in the growing category of baby products that are most useful when used in unsafe ways.

It looks to me like you did a fine job pouring the child into that foam baby mold.

Someone, somewhere is saying, "You pansies. When I was your age, we cracked our babies' skulls by rolling them down the stairs in a contraption called a "walker."

Who would put down a baby on top of a kitchen counter anyway? No responsible parent would do that. Bumbos are a sure hit, but I really don't like how babies are in a slumped position in this baby seat. Wonder how this recall will impact their sales.

I see what's wrong in this picture! Clearly the baby should be located over next to the electric socket and sharp knife instead.

If your baby's old enough to stand up, then they're too big for a bumbo. And the cabinet isn't what's causing skull fractures, the floor is when they fall off the counter. They're not meant to be put on counters or tables

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