August 14, 2012

Here Be Python & Ostrich Skin Strollers


Maybe there are people who want a random middle-of-the-road Japanese stroller upholstered in exotic skins like python or ostrich. And maybe there are people--I mean, it's at least theoretically possible--who would be into paying $22,000-$37,000, no haggling, PLUS $1,200 SHIPPING, A LOADED BUGABOO'S WORTH OF SHIPPING, for a stroller.

But what are the odds that these two groups would overlap? Ever? And what are the odds that such a person wouldn't just demand that Louis Vuitton or Hermes upholster their price-no-object-just-make-sure-it's-more-expensive-than-any-other-rig-in-Monaco stroller, and not some slightly random-looking, Moscow-based, etsy seamstress?


Because I'll be straight with you, I am not in the market for exotic skin anything, and I'm certainly not shopping for five-figure strollers. But there's just something a little disheartening about the stitch quality and construction of these leather elements, and which makes me wonder if a bottomless stroller budget wouldn't be better directed to insane custom milling and fabrication, and only when the insane, one-off hardware is in place, do you throw some mad money at some custom upholstery. Doesn't that make slightly more than zero sense?

Genuine Python Baby Stroller, $22,000 or $35,000 [etsy seller morell1 via dt reader aw]
Genuine Ostrich Baby Stroller, $37,000+1,200 shipping [etsy]


This is the stroller equivalent of taking a $1000 crapped-out Acura Integra and adding $5000 wheels and tires and $10000 worth of DVD and stereo equipment to it.

Well, maybe someone really wants to put their newborn inside a snake.

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