August 13, 2012

Now We Know: Creative Playthings Lumber Tractor & Trailer


It's been a few years since I've seen one of these 2-by tractors turn up on eBay. And when the first one popped up, it wasn't clear whether it was by Community Playthings, the Mennonite-ish wooden toy and daycare/preschool/educational furniture company, or Creative Playthings, the iconic modernism-turned CBS catalogue-turned-playgroundmaker.

But this tractor, which is slightly different, is also clearly marked. And it has a 24-inch, cutting board-shaped trailer with Creative Playthings wheels. And the other thing, it's available. At least for a couple more days.

Vintage Creative Playthings Solid Wood Riding Tractor Firestone Tires & Trailer, first bid $34.95+16.18 s/h, auction ends Aug. 15 UPDATE: sold for $38.89. [ebay]
Previously: Garden gnomes not included: Sweet Community Playthings Tractor on eBay

1 Comment

Hutterite. They sell their stuff to Mennonites. (c.f. my comment in the previous post.)

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