August 3, 2012

Don't Take A Baby To A Tennis Fight

Seriously. Someone has a newborn baby at the Federer-Del Potro match at the Olympics. A crying baby. At a tennis match. At Wimbledon.

And my mom tells me it's been there for a while, in other matches. so it's apparently not a kid affiliated with any one player.

Can someone do some on-the-grass reporting about this? What's going on? Are we alright with this? And by we, I mean, you, because obviously, I think they should've left the kid in the beer garden.


I'm so looking forward to the next several years of the ongoing "children in public" wars between the breeders whose precious children are entitled to anywhere and everywhere and the childless who cannot bear to have their senses assaulted by the sights or sounds of kids. I'm sure the discourse will be civil, as always.

As for the tennis match, if you think you can make it through a professional tennis tournament with your infant in tow, more power to you. But if they do end up crying and screaming, admit defeat and excuse yourself from the stadium.

While there are clearly good and bad places to take (and keep present once they start crying) an infant, it's tough to drum up sympathy for athletes whose whole game is thwarted by minute amounts of background noise.

When the Olympics were coming to Vancouver, the ticket lottery was held a good 15 months before the opening ceremony. As in, a year before my second was born.

So, we happened to get tickets, and when the time came, we had a three month old nursling. He came with us.

We're in the same position as Melanie, except it's an equestrian event, and we only had 3 months notice of his arrival (see my blog) so he'll be 8 months after a 12 month lead for tickets.
We think he'll like the horses though.

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