July 21, 2012

The Stokke Of The Century Of The Child


I will have much more to say on the topic later, but MoMA's Century of the Child exhibition is amazing. Utterly amazing. I'm taking my catalogue with us to the Outer Banks this week, so I'll be posting from that first instead of from the opening on Tuesday. Which I will, alas, miss.

But here's a quick hit--from the shop on the 6th floor, outside the exhibition. They're selling Stokkes, people, as seen in the Cafe. "Ask the sales associate for assistance" indeed. Also, 20% off for new/renewing museum members.


Also some incredible posters/prints from the show, as seen above and around, which-- but not now, because the kids are literally standing by the door yelling at me, so I have to go.

Century of the Child: Growing by Design, 1900-2000, opens July 29 at MoMA [moma.org]
The Century of the Child catalogue is available now at MoMA, or for pre-order via Amazon [amazon]

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Space Hoppers, literally. Can't wait to see the catalog, and your reports!

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