July 17, 2012

Florida Baby Born A Few MInutes Early

Congratulations and all to the Malleys of Melbourne, FL, but the fact that "Big Gulp" is only the kid's nickname, not his actual name, means that this entire story is really just, "Fireman/EMT delivers wife's baby in 7-Eleven parking lot," which, like I said, congratulations and all, but.

I mean, why not Slurpee? And there was even a Star Trek character named Seven, so why--you know what, never mind, taquitos and breakfast sticks for everyone.

Baby debuts in Melbourne 7-Eleven parking lot [floridatoday]


"Big Gulp" works better with the ladies..

I've wondered about the baby girl who was born last fall in the parking lot of the quick oil change place down the street....hoping that her middle name (at least) is Valvoline.

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