July 16, 2012

Crib-Hack: A Chalkboardtop Desk

I don't know exactly which number it is, but "And it converts to a daybed!" has to be one of the biggest lies in the entire Crib Industrial Complex. Because the reality is, you either keep that crib out, and full of babies, or you put it the hell away for a few years. And then a few years later, if it hasn't been recalled, you finally get around to Craigslisting it. [UPDATE: Not anymore, baby. See the comments.]



You could do what Caz did, and turn that old dropside crib into an entirely plausible, kid-size desk. Well-done.

See the full transformation process: Repurposed Cot [a little learning for two, thanks dt reader eric]


"Create!" No pressure.

hah, yeah, there is that.

With the new crib standard, you now can't craigslist any crib older than June 2011 or donate it to charity. So if you need more than one idea of what to do with old dangerous cribs, this blog has a bunch. http://consignmentmommies.com/_blog/Consignment_Sale_Advice/post/30_Fabulous_Reuses_amp;_Repurposes_for_Old_or_Recalled_Cribs/

Ack, right, I was going to mention that, thanks. Years from now we'll find out it was all a secret lobbying effort by the Daybed Industrial Complex.

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