July 12, 2012

Arrested Blogging Development

I feel terrible, and personally responsible, because, what with the extended holiday week, and the kids out of summer camp and all bouncing around the house and in my grille, and the panel discussion I have to get ready for next week, and the like half a dozen projects around the house I needed to get ready to pull the trigger on as soon as I drove the wife and kids to the airport for a flight to southern Utah for a whirlwind visit with Granddad, and then I've been working on a very long, very important WTF post, oh man, I really did not want to have to even--and meanwhile all these important posts are just languishing here in the queue...

"Dad Likes Leather", unique plush doll by Michelle Coffee, $150, sold

Anyway, Canadian plush artist Michelle Coffee's Arrested Development plush dolls have all sold at Gallery 1988's current exhibition, "There's Always Money In The Banana Stand," and if you didn't get one, it's my fault. I am so sorry.

"Never Nude", unique plush doll by Michelle Coffee, $150, sold

"Pirate Tobias", unique plush doll by Michelle Coffee, $150, sold

Coffee's Aqua Teen Hunger Force plushes are still available, though. And she has an etsy. Though it's con season, so no custom orders...

There's Always Money In The Banana Stand on view at Gallery 1988 through July 24th, I think [nineteeneightyeight.com via artinfo]
Deadly Sweet Plushes by Michelle Coffee [etsy]

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