July 9, 2012

Hola, Muchacho Blanket! Pendleton For Kids


While poking around that Australian museum shop tchotchke maker's site a few weeks ago, I came across an interesting-looking "crib blanket" from Pendleton. It's called Daughters of the Earth, and, like its companion Sons of the Sky blanket, it's a limited edition designed by Virginia Stroud with references to a Plains Indian tradition of placing the kid's umbilical cord inside a turtle- or lizard-shaped amulet. Never heard of that.


But what actually caught my attention was how freakin' expensive they were. Like $320. Which, even in $AU, is a pile. And which, never mind. That's just the crazy Australian price. They're just $95-98 in the US.

And then you start poking around, and it turns out Pendleton makes a whole bunch of interesting-looking baby blankets, or crib blankets [which, obviously, no extraneous bedding in the crib], or--my favorite name--muchacho blankets. Here's a classic, the Chief Joseph muchacho blanket.


Amazon and its merchants have most of the Pendleton Baby Blankets and Muchacho Blankets, including all the ones that kick back a couple of bucks when you buy them. [amazon]

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