July 2, 2012

Here Is A Philippe Starck X Target Baby Carrier.


I have no idea if the baby carrier Philippe Starck designed for Target like ten years ago is any good. I mean, if it were really nice, wouldn't they keep on making it? Was all that Starck X Target stuff just a one-season publicity stunt?

How can we find someone who remembers actually using this thing, so we can ask if it was good? But then how can we know what they're comparing it to, I mean, who really cares if this puffy nylon-looking carrier is better than c.2000 Bjorns, when we've got c.2012 sport mesh Bjorns and stuff now?

Maybe someone should buy this, and use it a bit, and then let the world know how it is, hm? I mean, thirty bucks, for The Future? Or maybe we put it in the style-over-substance pile with Starck's shortlived Maclaren stroller [and crib and high chair].

Philippe Starck Target Baby Sling, first bid $14.99+13.85 s/h, auction ends July 7 [ebay]

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