June 20, 2012

Wax, Max, Ill Tracks

Yesterday YouTube rapping twins Wax and Herbal T released a new single, "Milk In My Sippy Cup". Wax's and Yesica Rodriguez's kid [I'm guessing] Max plays all the instruments, which are masterfully remixed right in EOM and Andrew Kurchinski's video.

And already the song's gathered more views in one day than Wax's last song, the catchy spankin'-it-to-Facebook rap ballad, "[If you only knew/ about the shit I do/ when I look at these] Pictures Of You," [lyrics NSFW duh] has racked up in a month.

They'll be opening for TMBG by September, I'm sure. The future of music, people, here today.

Milk In My Sippy Cup, by Wax [wax & herbal tv's youtube channel via dt reader rolf]

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