June 12, 2012

Looks Great, Less Fulfilling: Box Play Stickers


I think we can all agree that Box Play's stickers for recycling empty, little cardboard packaging into toys are awesome. As awesome as they are unnecessary. They're the Swiffer of imaginative play, a slick, quick, and highly satisfying replacement for the real thing, requiring just enough effort to make you feel like you've actually created something.

And if every shoebox in our house weren't already a stuffed animal house covered with little stickers and construction paper scraps, I'd go buy a stack of Box Plays tomorrow.

Box Play: "Yep. Recycling crafts for kids. Start 'em young, we say." hey! [boxplayforkids via nyt]

1 Comment

Now that people all over the world believe that assembling an IKEA bookshelf counts as "building furniture" we have been prepared to put an $8.00 sticker on a milk carton and call it a "craft."

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