June 1, 2012

Here Is A NoLIta Boys Clothing Store Called Little Willy's


A collision of "irreverence and British tailoring," Little Willy's is the spawn of grownup tailored clothing store Lord Willy's. Because, I guess, it's important for sons to look like their father.

Little Willy's [littlewillys.com via coolhunting]

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Not that this is the kind of store I like to shop in - too precious - but it is an answer to the gross inequality boys suffer from when it comes to clothes shopping. Go into any children's clothing store - when your eyes recover from the dazzle of pink, ruffles and sequins filling the front of the store, see that small, dark, sad, disorganized corner in the back? That's the boys' department and it's depressing for any parent who doesn't think that wearing a color other than dark blue or camo calls into question their toddler son's sexual identity.

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